About Us 


Located on the eastern edge of the cattle feeding belt, we are positioned to provide you with many advantages.  




      • Email us at: feeders@prattfeeders.com


        • Flaked corn rations
        • Feed and cattle financing
        • Cattle selling advice
        • Cattle hedging assistance
        • U.S. Premium Beef slots available for lease
        • Emphasis on clean pens
        • 3 feedings daily
        • Nutritionist Sam Buttram of
          Midwest PMS
        • Cattle buying available for investors
            • Competitive grain prices
            • Moderate climate
            • Lower cattle freight cost coming from the east
            • 4 packer buyers weekly
            • Our experienced management team and well-kept facilities combine to provide the low cost of gain you need.

All four yards are under the supervision of General Manager, Dave Latta.
The managers are in daily communication about market conditions and management ideas.

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